Infants and Babies at Our Childcare Centre

Welcome to our dedicated space for infants and babies at our childcare centre, catering to those from 3 months up to around 2 years of age. Recognising the unique needs of these age groups in their early childhood, we ensure they receive the utmost care and attention. Given the high needs of children at this tender age, and understanding the importance of nurturing and abundant love, we pride ourselves on our high teacher to child ratio, setting it at a minimum of 1 teacher for every 4 babies. With infants having varied rest periods, this often translates to even more one-on-one interactions with their teachers.

High-quality interactions are the cornerstone of our approach in every room, especially for our youngest learners. Our staff, trained in the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers- Magda Gerber) philosophy, ensure that every interaction is rooted in respect. This philosophy, integral to our privately owned and operated daycare in Auckland, emphasises understanding each child as a unique individual, even from the earliest age. Our goal is to foster an environment where children feel secure, autonomous, competent, and connected.

We believe in the competence of every child, providing opportunities that enhance their early learning experiences. While we offer support, we also ensure that children have the space to initiate their learning and explore interests at their own pace. Our approach involves sensitive observation, tailoring the learning environment to match each child’s needs and interests. The environment, inclusive of a stimulating outdoor area, is both safe and challenging, allowing children to explore and discover new things confidently.

Active participation is encouraged, involving your baby in caregiving routines and ensuring they receive wholehearted care. We value uninterrupted play, allowing children the freedom to work through ideas without distractions. This approach lets us observe and understand their interests better.

Consistency is key. We maintain regular routines, gentle expectations, and a consistent environment, all of which help children develop self-discipline and a sense of security.

Our toddler daycare room is a haven of love, nurturing, encouragement, and discovery. Experience the difference at our daycare Auckland centre, where every child’s journey is celebrated!

Infants and Babies

This room can take infants from 3 months through until around 2yrs of age. As children have such high needs at this age and need careful nurturing and plenty of love and 1:1 interactions, we set our ratios at a minimum of 1 teacher for every 4 babies. As infants and babies sleep and rotate their rest periods, this often means children get even more one to one time with their teachers.

High quality interactions, as in all of our rooms, are key and in considering this for our youngest learners, staff adopt the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers- Magda Gerber) philosophy in this room. This means we not only respect babies, we demonstrate our respect every time we interact with them. By this we mean understanding that your child is a unique human being with feelings thoughts and ideas even from the youngest age. It is our aim to grow and nurture children to feel secure, autonomous, competent, and connected.

We trust in their competence and provide your baby opportunities to develop mastery of their skills, offering support when needed but giving space for your child to develop and initiate their learning and interest at their own pace. In this we adopt sensitive observation and provide an environment of learning that matches your child’s needs and interests. The environment is safe and challenging but also predictable so that your child can explore, re-visit and attempt new things in a secure way.

We encourage active participation and encourage your baby to be involved at caregiving times and give wholeheartedly to them ensuring caring experiences.
Children are also given time for uninterrupted play and freedom to explore so they can work through ideas and thinking without distraction and we can observe and appreciate what they are doing and what they are interested in.

We also provide consistency in routines, gentle expectations and our care and environment to allow children to become self- disciplined and feel secure.

This room is full of love and nurturing, encouragement and discovery!