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Our preschool centres in Auckland are thoughtfully designed, purpose-built spaces, catering to the best interests, loving care, and educational needs of young children. As a leading pre school chain in Auckland, we have a team of passionate educators deeply committed to providing high-quality early childhood education (ECE). We employ only qualified teachers or those in training to uphold our high-quality standards. Our commitment to child ratios surpasses government standards, ensuring personalised care and education for every child, irrespective of their age.

Understanding that children learn best when nurtured, we aim to support your child’s holistic development during these formative years, offering them the finest outcomes for children in both education and care. We remain open throughout the year, pausing only for public holidays. Catering to children aged from toddlers to preschoolers, we provide a variety of care sessions, from full-day care to part-time ‘kindy’ sessions. Our centres are operational Monday to Friday, from 7am to 6pm.

At Just Kidz, we understand that every parent’s schedule is unique, and the need for flexible day care and child care options. That’s why, in addition to our leading preschool services in Auckland, we proudly offer dedicated day care and child care solutions tailored to fit the dynamic needs of modern families.

We cordially invite you to step into one of our preschool Auckland centres. Engage with our dedicated team, explore the myriad opportunities we present, and address any queries you might have.

Parent Testimonials

  • I went to collect my grandson from JustKidz Huapai and was very impressed with their environments and the staff. As an ex school teacher I have high expectations. I loved the natural wooden furniture, creative spaces and interactive activities encouraging imaginative play. Very friendly connections with staff and other children. No wonder my grandson loves being there, and my daughter has such confidence in the centre.

    Executive Pastor
    Greenlane Christian Centre
  • Very nice place and lovely teachers

    Aylin Lim
    Just Kidz - Flat Bush
  • Responsible teachers and diversified activities. Healthy food and everything else that helps construe this loving environment. We are more than satisfied here. Our child enjoys every day at Just Kidz.

    Zoe Fan
    Just Kidz- Flat Bush
  • Teachers are pro, not only taking care of children, also guide children’s society skills, encourage children to explore in professional way. Hannah was afraid of slide after got hurt from falling, but teacher encouraged her to overcome the fear and built up the confidence. The teachers from this center are caring,warm-hearted, professional with Love. Bless this center

    Selina Wu
    Just Kidz - Albany
  • Lucas has been enrolled with Just Kidz for approx 4 months now. In the short time he has been there, we have watched him grow and develop through the Clever tasks and activities his class teachers create. Leaving our child in someone else’s care was daunting at first but the love he has for his friends and teachers and vice versa really shows, and we know we made the right choice with Just Kidz. He’s one happy little boy – and we know that he is being nurtured in a way that we could not provide ourselves if we were to keep him at home. Just Kidz are wonderful and we are thankful to each and every one, everyday! Thank you for helping him grow.l and for being his day mother and father.

    Nadia Jooste
    Just Kidz - Albany

Our Rooms

Infants and Babies – This room can take infants from 3 months through until around 2 years of age. As children have such high needs at this age and need careful nurturing and plenty of love and 1:1 interactions, we set our ratios at a minimum of 1 teacher for every 4 babies. As infants and babies sleep and rotate their rest periods, this often means children get even more one to one time with their teachers.

Toddlers – This room takes children transitioning from the babies and infants room and new children to the Centre at around age 2. Through our careful transition process, we consider children’s readiness for each room and timing that will benefit them best.

Preschool – Our preschool rooms take children from around age 3, through until they leave to attend primary school. Again, with our transition process, we consider each child’s readiness and the timing that will benefit them best if they are moving from our toddler room.

Phone: 09-832 1212
Massey, Auckland 0614
19 Fernhill Dr