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One of the most awe-inspiring experiences we can have as adults is watching how incredibly fast our babies become independent little people with the energy and ability to achieve so much. Their personality emerges and grows from day one and before long they are setting themselves challenges as they master new skills, develop their communication skills and make sense of their world and relationships.

Educating and caring for your child’s diverse needs throughout this fast-paced early year period takes care and consideration. The first three years of life particularly, are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a baby’s development, with so many milestones being reached. With this, we recognise how incredibly important it is to set children on the best path for learning and discovery and instil a love of learning and inner self-belief from a very young age by providing the best care and experiences to nurture them within a loving, supportive environment.

At Just Kidz, we also recognise the different levels and stages of early childhood and group children according to their needs and stages, so they may learn from one another, take enjoyment in social interactions and have the specialised care they require. In balancing this, we help children develop strong bonds with teachers and friends and allow them time in each age grouping to explore fully and develop these skills. Children are moved into the next group not only with consideration for their age, but also their stage of development. In this sense we ensure they will be ready to cope with the new challenges in the next area and have the full support of staff and their families with our well-considered transitioning process

Infants and Babies

This room can take infants from 3 months through until around 2yrs of age. As children have such high needs at this age and need careful nurturing and plenty of love and 1:1 interactions, we set our ratios at a minimum of 1 teacher for every 4 babies. As infants and babies sleep and rotate their rest periods, this often means children get even more one to one time with their teachers.

High quality interactions, as in all of our rooms, are key and in considering this for our youngest learners, staff adopt the RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers- Magda Gerber) philosophy in this room. This means we not only respect babies, we demonstrate our respect every time we interact with them. By this we mean understanding that your child is a unique human being with feelings thoughts and ideas even from the youngest age. It is our aim to grow and nurture children to feel secure, autonomous, competent, and connected.

We trust in their competence and provide your baby opportunities to develop mastery of their skills, offering support when needed but giving space for your child to develop and initiate their learning and interest at their own pace. In this we adopt sensitive observation and provide an environment of learning that matches your child’s needs and interests. The environment is safe and challenging but also predictable so that your child can explore, re-visit and attempt new things in a secure way.

We encourage active participation and encourage your baby to be involved at caregiving times and give wholeheartedly to them ensuring caring experiences.
Children are also given time for uninterrupted play and freedom to explore so they can work through ideas and thinking without distraction and we can observe and appreciate what they are doing and what they are interested in.

We also provide consistency in routines, gentle expectations and our care and environment to allow children to become self- disciplined and feel secure.

This room is full of love and nurturing, encouragement and discovery!

Toddlers Room

This room takes children transitioning from the babies and infants room and new children to the Centre at around age 2. Through our careful transition process, we consider children’s readiness for each room and timing that will benefit them best.
In our toddler room, children are fast developing a heightened need for independence and are progressing towards further developing their interests, understanding of their world and moving into more collaborative relationships.

Toddler age is a fun time, with many more firsts for your child and lots of pride and satisfaction at achieving new goals and milestones. It can equally be a frustrating time for our young learners as they strive to achieve. As with many things in life it can take practice and can test the patience of our young toddlers as they are thinking well ahead and their co-ordination and physical skills try and catch up. Staff acknowledge this and give plenty of time to practice and discover as well as opportunities to re-visit learning. Loving support is offered, and your child will be encouraged and provided for at every turn.

The RIE fundamental philosophy naturally continues in the toddler room in the sense that children are nurtured to feel secure, autonomous, competent, and connected.Teachers create a secure, safe and nurturing space where children can be themselves, feel acknowledged, loved and confident to try new things.

This is a room full of fun challenges, new experiences, new friendships and increasing self-confidence!

Pre-School Rooms

Our pre-school rooms takes children from around age 3, through until they leave to attend primary school. Again, with our transition process, we consider each child’s readiness and the timing that will benefit them best if they are moving from our toddler room.

In this space, children are moving through the stages and becoming increasingly confident in many aspects of the daily routines and activities. Deeper friendships and relationships form, and social play and interactions are usually heightened. Children look for new challenges and are increasingly inquisitive with their world, forever seeking new information and discovery. Your child will gain much satisfaction from attempting and achieving tasks and seek to be even more independent as they journey towards being ‘big’ and heading off to primary school. In this age group children are encouraged to further develop their self-discipline and to consider others in their actions more carefully. A whole wider world of discovery awaits and more complex ideas and challenges are presented.

As your child progresses through this room, they move into the transition to school program. This is decided with the child’s needs in mind, but often happens around age 4, although can happen closer to school age if a child enrolls later or needs more time to comfortably work and learn in larger groups.

Many of the skills are taught across the pre-school group in daily routines and activities, however a special time each day is set aside to encourage children nearing school age to come together and work, learn and play on areas of interest and develop skills that will help them cope with the structure of school life, namely working together, taking turns and developing confidence in group situations.
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This room is full of deeper, caring friendships, increased independence, and mind-boggling discovery!